Saško Gešovski – The forgotten page of history

The generation of Saško Gešovski did not have the luxury of quietly watching sports games, thinking about where to spend their vacation, what faculty...

Fire your pistols in ‘Macedonian style’!

Well, we do not want to request that you shoot somebody, we just want to introduce you into a shooting technique invented by Macedonians....

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Where is Bylazora located – the city of the Paeonians?

When houses in Athens were still made of mud, Bylazora already had a palace, say archaeologists who explored Macedonia's ancient cities. Where is the...

Boris Sarafov: We Macedonians are a completely separate nation

"During his imprisonment he gave an interview for the London Times, in which he explains that the Macedonians are a separate nation, to distinguish them from the Bulgarian or Serbian"

Lucius Annaeus Florus distinguished the Macedonian and Greek nation

Florus was a Roman historian at the time of the emperors Trajan and Hadrian

Camels once trotted through the Čaršija to the bazaar in Skopje

Until recently, until before World War II, camels could still be seen as part of a caravan in Macedonia. Camels were exotic animals and...

Stobi in Macedonia – The Troy of the Balkans

In our archive we found an old (german) article written by Wolf Oschlies, writing about the archeological site Stobi in Macedonia. Brief profile: Wolf Oschlies...

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