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This page is dedicated to the long and rich history of Macedonia. As You may know, our history is still disputed by our neighboring countries. Not only disputed, but also negated. And this is still ongoing.

Therefore, our goal is to provide articles, stories and data from the Macedonian point of view. Macedonia is since 1991 an independent and sovereign country, till than (and still) the Macedonian history was mostly written and distorted by foreigners according to their views, interpretations, needs and also nationalistic claims.

Our team consists of several peoples, returnees from the Macedonian diaspora. We are historians, journalists, bloggers, writers, translators who live now in Macedonia after returning home from outside the country. Some of our members write and publish articles already for about 15 years.

On history.mk You will find mainly translated articles from official Macedonian medias, collected data and references about Macedonian history from universities, books, articles and other sources. But we do sometimes also write articles by ourselves, as we research also by our own.

Macedonian Phalanx

This page is self-funded. We do not have any sponsors or do cooperate with institutions. We are independent.

The History of Macedonia is rich and does not only originate from the best known figures like Alexander the Great. The area of todays Republic Macedonia, as the wider region of Macedonia was inhabited already before the so called Dark Ages. Evidences from much older times are present, located and presented. The very old lake Ohrid is the best example, or the megalithic observatory Kokino.

Our simple slogan is “Macedonia for the Macedonians”!

The history of Macedonia can not be written only from outside it’s borders. We Macedonians must have a part and impact on our own century long history!

Enjoy our page! Your history.mk team.