Alexander the Great on a facade near Kičevo since 1911

What is at least "sensational" for many who are not from the Kičevo area, is everyday life and tradition for the people of the...

IMRO was the first organization to preach ‘Macedonia for Macedonians’

There are attempts in modern times to present few pro-Bulgarian streams and factions in the Macedonian struggle for freedom as a global picture of...

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The ‘Antiquisation of Macedonia’?!

One of the biggest recent misconceptions regarding the Macedonians is about to be resolved today - the alleged antiquisation of Macedonia.

Saško Gešovski – The forgotten page of history

The generation of Saško Gešovski did not have the luxury of quietly watching sports games, thinking about where to spend their vacation, what faculty...

Celtic markers found in Galičnik residents DNA

The people of Galičnik in Macedonia have always been unique in their customs, culture, tradition and genetic code. Galičnik is considered to be one...

Stobi in Macedonia – The Troy of the Balkans

In our archive we found an old (german) article written by Wolf Oschlies, writing about the archeological site Stobi in Macedonia. Brief profile: Wolf Oschlies...

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