Archaeology: The Old Tomb of Macedonian Type in Ohrid

StoryArchaeology: The Old Tomb of Macedonian Type in Ohrid

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Little is known to the general Macedonian public (and tourists) about the existence of an ancient Macedonian tomb in Ohrid. It is located on the Karagjulevci site, next to the ancient theater. It is architecturally defined by a dromos (corridor), an atrium, and a chamber in which the remains of the deceased were interred.

The rooms are vaulted, while the interior is decorated with imitation marble in the lower parapet zone and Pompeii red in the central zone.

In the Republic of Macedonia, according to previous research in this area, not many objects from antiquity have been fully preserved – so the tomb is a rare example in this regard. This was due to the fact that the tomb was buried, and thus the lack of exposure to external atmospheric influences and thus isolation from possible destruction.

Inside the Macedonian type tomb in Ohrid

The Ohrid Institute and Museum decided some time ago to undertake activities to promote it. On October 15, 2021, a 3D model of the ancient tomb was exhibited in the Robevci House Museum. The model was made on a 3D printer by Kiril Denkovski and Dime Solakovski was responsible for the art design.

An information board for visitors was placed at the site of the tomb and a virtual reconstruction of the tomb was made as part of this project. You can watch the video below:

Македонски тип гробница Охрид – Macedonian type tomb in Ohrid

The project was funded from the annual program of the Macedonian Ministry of Culture for 2021 and the successful implementation is due to the excellent cooperation of the NI Institute and Museum – Ohrid with the Association Regional Green Center – Ohrid.

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