Macedonia map in The Morning Record – 1899

Modern historyMacedonia map in The Morning Record - 1899

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“The Crisis in the Balkans”, is a newspaper article from The Morning Record, published April 23, 1899. There we can find an awesome Macedonia map.

As an illustration in its article “The Crisis in the Balkan States” the newspaper printed a map of the Balkans. The areas marked in dark color show those areas that were occupied by the Ottomans at that time. This is also the case with Macedonia, which is clearly marked in its ethno-geographical borders.

The centers of Macedonia are of course given as the cities that were made into the “provincial capitals” by the Ottomans at that time. So we see the mayor cities Uskup (Skopje), Monastir (Bitola), Salonica (Saloniki) marked on the map.

The Macedonia map and the description

Below the map we read the following text:

The accompanying map will show the seat of the present trouble in the Balkans. The shaded potitions on the map show the territory that is still under Turkish rule. Bulgaria and the other Balkan states which are now making things hot for the sublime porte remain under the suzerainty of the sultan, but are anxious to throw off the Turkish yoke. Serbia is an independent kingdom and does not pay tribute, but Austria still hands over an annual stipend for the provinces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and she has long nursed the desire to extend her territory to the Aegean sea, so that Salonica might be the southern terminus of one of her railways. Russia, however, which has interests in Montenegro, stands in the way of this scheme, and in the meantime the long opressed Macedonians are making things lively on their own account.

The Morning Record

The Record-Journal is an American daily newspaper based in Meriden, Connecticut, which dates back to the years immediately after the American Civil War. It is owned by Record-Journal Publishing Company, a family business that also owns Westerly, The Westerly Sun of Rhode Island.

The record journal originated from a weekly newspaper called Weekly Visitor, which was founded in 1867. In 1892 E. E. Smith and Thomas Warnock bought it and converted it into a daily newspaper. Co-founder Thomas Warnock was the editor of the newspaper for almost half a century.

E. E. Smith was the first of four generations to head the Record-Journal as its editor. E. E. Smith was followed by his son Wayne C. Smith, who served as a publisher until his death in 1966. In 1977 The Morning Record and Meriden Journal merged and became the Record-Journal. (Source Wikipedia).

Source used in the article: The morning record, Sunday April 23,1899, The Crisis in the Balkan states

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