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Diodorus referred to Archelaus as ‘Macedonian by race’


Diodorus Siculus called the Macedonian Archelaus “Macedonian by race”, according to today’s definition one would say “ethnic Macedonian” or “Macedonian descent”!

This historical testimony is of great importance, as repeated attempts have been made to deny the independence of the Macedonian nation in antiquity and to attribute it to the ancient Greek nation.

There can be no misunderstanding, Macedonians in ancient times were not Greeks and were a separate Macedonian nation.

About Diodorus

Diodorus was an ancient Greek historian who lived in the 1st century BC. lived. Almost nothing is known about his life.

He came from Agyrion in Sicily and stayed in Rome and Egypt for a long time (at the time of the 180th Olympiad, i.e. in the period 60/59 to 57/56 BC).

Аρχеλαος, Μακεδоν τὸ γеνος
Arhelaus, Macedonian by race

Diodorus’s history, written in Greek, is called Diodori Siculi Bibliotheca historica and is a universal history in 40 books, of which books 1-5, 11-16 and 18-20 have survived.

As far as is known, it is the most comprehensive historical work that was written by a Greek in antiquity and that has come down to us, at least in part, and at the same time forms the “conclusion of Hellenistic historiography” (Klaus Meister).

Book XVIII (18.37.3)

…The commandant of the garrison of that city, Archelaos, who was a Macedonian by race, welcomed Attalus and surrendered the city to him and also the funds that had been given him by Perdiccas for safe-keeping and had now been honourably repaid, being in amount eight hundred talents. Attalus remained in Tyre, receiving those of the friends of Perdiccas who escaped in safety from the camp before Memphis.

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