Arte Documentary – Philip of Macedon was not a Greek

AncientsArte Documentary - Philip of Macedon was not a Greek

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The well-known documentary series “In the Course of Time” published by Arte is also dedicated to Macedonian history and the father of Alexander the Great, that is, king Philip II of Macedon.

The documentary series “In the course of time” is also dedicated to Macedonian history. In the third episode of the first season, the series of the French TV channel Arte is about the Macedonian king Alexander the Great. Among others, Alexander’s father, Philip II of Macedon and the Macedonians, are referred to as “non-Greeks” in the documentary.

The program “Points de Repères”, describes the episode about Alexander III of Macedonia as follows:

Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia

Megalomania and fall

Alexander the Great, the historically unique conqueror, dreamed of a united world. Three closely related events shaped his impressive life as key moments. In the 4th century BC, Alexander III. of Macedon unites all Greek cities and embarks on a punitive expedition against Persia.

After conquering Egypt and founding Alexandria, it falls into the vast Persian empire of Great King Darius III. although the Macedonian army was outnumbered, it won victory after victory. After Babylon, Alexander marches towards the capital Persepolis. Darius III is killed while trying to escape.

Alexander, who is now known as “the Great”, is victorious on all fronts. He went down in history as the ruler of the entire then known world. But is he taking on one battle too many by conquering India? Alexander’s generals beg him to take a break before the next campaign: the troops are exhausted. She suggested that Alexander could prepare for the next war from Macedonia and then set about conquering the Mediterranean region. But the general does not listen to his advisors and sends his soldiers to India. A single wrong decision sealed the fate of Alexander the Great…

King Philip II of Macedonia is not a Greek, but Macedonian

In one passages in the documentary there is a clear distinction made between the Greeks and Macedonians. Such is the section on Alexander’s father, Philip II of Macedon.

This is what the documentary says:

“Then King Philip the Second enters the scene, he is not a Greek, but he is Macedonian. The Greeks tolerate the Macedonians, they are even allowed to take part in the Olympic Games.”

The documentary:



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