Alexander the Great on a facade near Kičevo since 1911

StoryAlexander the Great on a facade near Kičevo since 1911

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What is at least “sensational” for many who are not from the Kičevo area, is everyday life and tradition for the people of the town and surroundings. Various legends relating to Alexander the Great king of Macedon have been translated throughout Kičevo’s generation, so that children will know who he is from an early age. Which kept his routes, what he said, where he drank water, whom he met, what they spoke … legends. Where there is smoke, there is a fire – they say in Macedonian vernacular.

This is the house of the Višovci family in the village of Velmevci on the road from Kičevo to Demir Hisar. It’s in the centre of the village. Nice, domestic, conspicuous.

The house was finally finished on June 13, 1911 after the facade was completed. This great wall painting of the Macedonian king was drawn in one section.

Not only that he was sung about in poems and songs, our ancestors also dedicated a representative painting to the revered king of Macedon from the old days even in difficult times during Ottoman occupation. The village church is right next to the house, so that people could not miss the wall painting in the village centre.

And back in these turbulent times, when the Macedonians were under constant propaganda from neighboring states and still under Ottoman occupation, the Višovci family remembered “their own” and showed it publicly.

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All hard times: Turkish, Serbian, Bulgarian occupation, later communism … the people survived and the image of Alexander III of Macedon has remained to this day.

What was the idea of the ancestors? Maybe: “So that our grandchildren don’t forget who and what we are, because we are Macedonians!

Right next to this house was the older family house, which was over 100 years old at the time. Whether the same glorious face adorned his facade remains to be guessed.


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